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Rolex Sea Dweller Stainless Steel Ceramic Bezel 2014

A legend returns :- By popular demand the iconic Rolex Sea Dweller returned to the Rolex line up at the 2014 Basel World Fair. At a quick glance the watch is hard to discern from it’s stablemate the Rolex Submariner, the Sea- Dweller has many unique features, but your first clue in telling them apart is the date feature, this model does not have the magnified so called “cyclops” over the date aperture. Two questions arise 1) What about the Deep Sea-Dweller ?. 2) Decisions decisions !!! do I buy the Submariner or Sea-Dweller.

Rolex Skydweller Rose-Everose 2014

Rolex Skydweller Rose-Everose  2014

The new all Rose/ Everose Gold Rolex Skydweller has to be one of the finest looking Rolex watches ever made. This work of art was Just introduced at the 2014 Basel World Fair along with two other incredible Skydweller models, namely a Yellow Gold on a strap with a silver dial and a show stopping White Gold model also on a strap with charcoal colored dial. Take your pick this model is now available in White,Rose and Yellow gold on matching solid gold bracelets or straps.

Rolex GMT White Gold Ceramic Blue Red (Pepsi) Bezel 2014

Rolex GMT White Gold Ceramic Blue Red (Pepsi) Bezel 2014

The rumor mill was rampant following the introduction of last years highly successful Blue Black bezel Rolex GMT. Many were excited with the thought of adding yet another trophy to there collection with the anticipated release of the new Stainless Steel Pepsi Bezel GMT. WRONG !!
In true Rolex fashion meet the new White Gold (yes white gold) Rolex Gmt, Today’s trivia question is :- What is more amazing, the stunning good looks or the stunning price to own one ??. Either way it is definitely going to be talked about and debated on each and every Rolex forum for quite a while

Rolex Platinum Daytona

The Rolex world continues to be a buzz about the newly released heavy weight champion of the Rolex line namely the 50th Anniversary Platinum Daytona. The iconic Daytona has reached a new plateau with a whopping price tag of $75,000.00 but if pricing is relevant to good looks this watch is worth every hard earned penny. The Glacier blue dial with Chestnut brown sub dials and chestnut brown ceramic bezel make this one of the most stunning watches that Rolex has ever produced. Initially this beauty was selling for the retail price of $75,000 but as “the must have” demand is filled and the elite have had their way, expect the watch to settle at around $65,000 and probably in the very low sixties by the beginning of 2014. Please give us a call for current pricing.